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Tales of the Shepherd

Our project goal explained

The world is a maddening place. One of the first projects I wanted was something that would immediately give an educational archetypal view of specific events crafted into several short easily digestible stories for other people to learn from and / or ponder. It is my intent that this ebook collection helps accomplish that.

Ebook Series #1 (2022) Plans

For Tales of the Shepherd Collection


The Cave


Follow Terry as he searches to find that which many others have had to discover the will to do. To journey into the darkness. A short tale of ultimately facing that which is within. And coming out the other end.

The Aliens & The False Prophet

Follow Harry and his wife on their camping trip. Harry's been seeing signs in things. And he's been telling others. But now something's going to change that.


The Woman In Charge


Miss Trager is not the easiest person to deal with and she's pretty sure nobody likes her at Jupiter’s Main Base of Operations but she's not going to let that stop her from attending the gala. However, things may not be running as smoothly as they seem.  

His Bad Decisions


Most struggle to pay bills these days. And it was no different for Travis. Discarded after decades of loyalty and left with little to show for it.  However, the thought of seeing he and his dog starve after all that was too much. It was time to do something before it got that bad.

He’d Drink Every Night


Mary Anne has worked this job for 20 years, But regulars and their games still bring a much needed vibrance to her life that she will always enjoy, love and respect. Like with all regulars of quality, he can keep his name. She only wants his company.

She Kept Dying To Talk


Follow Macy Brown and Travis on a path of looped death and rebirth that ultimately teaches them that some things should not be experimented on. Embarking on a loving and truthful quantum journey as they meet the laws of reality they messed with and the silver lining neither expected.

Cold Storage


Sometimes you try to do a good thing to get ahead and it never really works out quite like you'll think, Tilly found this out the hard way when she tried for time saved and it became time lost.

Series Development Started On November 11th 2021 And Finished June 15th 2022