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Asteria - Crowns of Lawlessness

Video Game

In development for windows only

Story & Features

A sneak peek at what to expect!

Story Introduction

The Lore

Welcome to the land of Asteria. Your uncle Nicandros has tasked you as his second along with your sibling. You will arrive in hewgard at the behest of asterian ruling powers with the goal of reviving the old worn down lands and establishing order. Something else far deeper seems to be the issue here though. You can sense it almost but not in any provable way.

Heal Your Kingdom

Rebuild your lands, Commission improvements. Set up advisors Provide food for your citizens.

Take Charge Of The Task

Scout The Land

Uncover The Truth

Send out scouts to survey the land. Find interesting locations, Or asterians to talk to. With enough knowledge of the regions. You could even start laying claims on them but be careful or you'll end up at war.

Conversation System

Talk To Asterians

Interact with the citizens of asteria. Take on new quests, Trade on behalf of your kingdom. Locate that rare opportunity to advance your peoples. Or just take in asterian gossip.

Diplomacy Or War

What Will You Choose?

Peace reigns for now, But as the lands of hewgard reclaim their power. Other lords and ladies of Asteria may become envious of such bountiful lands. How will you choose to react? Diplomacy or War.

Full Screen Adaptions

Several Modes

Coming with 3 options for resizing of play area: Best fit, px perfect, 1-1 Fit.

Complete with a fullscreen mode as well as the standard windowed mode.

Character Art Direction

Over 70+ Characters Planned In Game

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Traders Guild

Kingdom of Luticia Citizen - 2.png


Kingdom of Luticia

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Warden Advisor of Thadni.png


Kingdom of Thadni

System Requirements

Minimum Needed Specs

Operating System

Windows / Steam





Hard Drive Space

3.4 MB

Development Screenshots

These are 'teaser' in development images and gameplay may be subject to changes.

Development Updates


Project Development Began On 13th March 2020 And Is Ongoing.