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Nobody - Astral Travels

Video Game

In development for windows only

Story & Features

A sneak peek at what to expect!

Story Introduction

The Lore

You don't know why nobody astral travels, Only that you do. Face the change head on and uncover what lays in the deepest levels of the astral depths as you continue to live your life.

S.U.A System

Decide How You'll Play

Skills equip you for the astral, understandings when gained bestow benefits. Afflictions when seen and dealt as you advance remove negatives. Every decision is a step forward.

A Living Astral Realm

Go Deeper Than Ever

An astral representation of the land affected by the minds of all. Shifting ever in emotional states and hues.

Conversation System

Interact With Others

Interact with the entities of the astral. Take on new quests and find out more about what is really going on in this odd realm.

Day & Night Turn Cycle

Take control in the astral night cycle, And during the day cycle see how it affects events in your daily life.

Affect What Happens

Full Screen Adaptions

Several Modes

Coming with 3 options for resizing of play area: Best fit, px perfect, 1-1 Fit.

Complete with a fullscreen mode as well as the standard windowed mode.

Character Art Direction

Over 70+ Characters Planned In Game

Player Character Portrait - 1.png


The Player

Astral Demon - 9.png


Astral Demon

Amaranthian Royal - 2.png


Amaranthian Royals

Keeper Of Night n Day - 3.png


Keepers Of Night & Day

System Requirements

Minimum Needed Specs

Operating System

Windows / Steam





Hard Drive Space

1.9 MB

Development Screenshots

These are 'teaser' in development images and gameplay may be subject to changes.

Development Updates


Project Development Began On 2nd November 2020 And Is Ongoing.